Playing and exploring

Play improves the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well-being of children and young people. Through play, children learn about the world and themselves.


Active learning

Some of the most common examples include think-pair-share exercises, jigsaw discussions, and even simply pausing for clarification during a lecture.


Creating and thinking critically

Creating and thinking critically highlights the value of children having and developing their own ideas, making links between ideas, and developing their own ways of doing things.


About Us 20 Years Of Experience In Teaching Sector

We are Mukti Kiran as the name connotes in Indian languages means rays of liberation. Liberation implies leading a life liberated from the limitations of the physical, the emotional and the spiritual. The concept was conceived by Mr. Ashok Nanda. The first unit was started in Simliguda township of Orissa in the year 2006. It aims at promoting swadharma living or a self actualised life style. The process starts with maximising physical human potentialities. The body has potentialities to make it stronger and capable. Sometimes it needs specially designed care, diet and mental cleansing. At Mukti Kiran we support natural healing. Our emotions strongly affect our health, peace of mind and productivity. Our belief system primarily stimulates the emotions. Music, aroma, touch and art of living influence emotions. It is again the emotional quotient which makes creative and history making personalities. The centre creates opportunity for interactive sessions for emotional wellbeing. Spirit shows the path to joy of living. Being in touch with body and mind elevates to ecstatic experiences. Meditation has the power to create a state of no mind existence. And the life celebrates ever after such experiences. Mukti centre aims at creating space for spiritual growth. Art of living is the way one lives. It starts with our outlook to the world. It is based on our deep belief system- relationship of the self with the world around. It is also the regular way of managing our desires, cravings and indulgences.

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